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Give InKind Meals for Houston Area Healthcare Workers

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Support Pages

Community members are supporting their local healthcare workers who are on the front lines while also supporting local restaurants. While you are doing your part by staying home, this is one small thing communities can do to mobilize behind front-line workers and help raise their spirits. 

Individual Give InKind pages have been created by local Page Organizers to provide meals and/or snacks for the ERs at various Houston Area hospitals by members of their community. By utilizing Give InKind, they are streamlining delivery services for the hospitals, minimizing their need to answer calls from staff ordering individual meals, and giving the staff a chance to check in and look forward to the meals that will be delivered. Learn more about that here.

Page Organizers have worked directly with each individual hospital leadership to secure the necessary approval and specific guidelines for deliveries. 

Notes from the Page Organizers:

  1. Pick a hospital, click on the page, and “Claim” a day/time slot. 
  2. Pick any local restaurant of your choice to place your order and utilize either their delivery service. Here are a few listed at No Personal Deliveries, no Gift Cards.
  3. In your claimed spot please specify where the delivery will be from and a brief description of what is ordered.
  4. Please make sure to read ALL the information on the hospital page, click the READ MORE link and DO NOT SKIM.
  5. Make sure to indicate to the restaurant that delivery must be made at the specified time, to the specified location, and in compliance with all the guidelines listed on the individual hospital’s page.

Feel free to sign up with a group of families to help spread the cost. Thank you so much for contributing during this difficult time. Please help by sharing this on your social media pages, joining the Houston-area Facebook group (linked below), and inviting your family, friends, co-workers, email lists, everyone you know!

Below are the various pages that local Page Organizers have set up for each individual hospital. If you would like to set up a page for your local area hospital, see our simple how-to instructions here or email [email protected].

Are you coordinating   COVID-19 support for your area?

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