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CDC: Updates from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The New York Times: Map of Cases in the U.S.

WHO: Updates from the World Health Organization

NIH: Situation Summary from National Institute of Health

Medium: Seattle Startups are Tackling COVID-19 Impacts

NPR: Stories About Coronavirus

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About Give InKind

Laura Malcolm, Founder

Coronavirus / COVID-19

Helping Communities Come Together

As the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic continues to rapidly spread in the United States and beyond, communities are rallying to provide meaningful assistance to front line workers and vulnerable members of their community.

Individuals, families and communities being impacted on this scale is new to all of us. Beyond quarantine and social distancing will come long-lasting effects of closed schools, shuttered businesses, and overworked first responders. We understand that life is continuing to be disrupted in different ways across the US, and that things seem to change daily. But we also know that social distancing is community care, and we're all in this together. 

How can you help? Use Give InKind's free platform to set up a Care Calendar to coordinate meals and help for first responders, neighbors, community organizers, and individuals by providing them with what they need the most right now — support. Raise funds for local meal deliveries for people on the front line. Pick up a pharmacy order or groceries for a family effected by Coronavirus. Let's all do our part in keeping our communities healthy.

Are you coordinating COVID-19 Support?

You're in the right place.

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