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At Give InKind, our mission is to provide a platform where people are able to give and receive support, however and wherever they need it. Please share your Give InKind experience with us. Here are a few suggested topics:

1. How did you use your Give InKind page and how was it received (by those you invited to participate and/or the recipient)? We are looking to highlight positive stories so that others can see that asking for help is ok and honors those connections which make us human. 

2. What product(s) or service(s) was especially useful or helpful and why? Many specialized products come to fruition because someone needed them in a specific situation (e.g. a kit to teach children to wash their hands used by parents of children in chemotherapy, flatware with rubber grips for people with Parkinson’s, etc.). Help us help others by sharing your wealth of knowledge from your experience. 

3. Tell us your story and what got you through your experience. With or without a Give InKind page, what sorts of actions or intangible kindnesses provided you comfort and/or helped the most? Specific examples can be really useful for those people who want to show their support but aren’t sure how to address an unfamiliar situation.

Recommended word count is 350 – 500 words. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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